Monday, May 18, 2015

So much for that year off! Here we go again!

After completing my 6th marathon in Boston last year and reflecting on the toll the training and race had taken, both physically and mentally, I made a decision to take this year (2015) and possibly next year off of the marathon distance, declaring that my next marathon would be as part of my first Ironman in 2017.

It seems fate; fundraising and friends had a different plan.  In an effort to build some excitement around the first effort at putting together a Team Imerman Angels Canada, I challenged my friends and team mates to recruit 10 people for Team Canada or 2 first time marathoners and agreed that I would run the marathon with them this year if they could do that.  I should have known better than to challenge a group of seasoned marathoners and fundraisers, they ALWAYS rise to the occasion and so it is that in my year off marathons, I will be running the Chicago marathon and raising funds for Imerman Angels.

I am truly excited to be part of this team, we have an incredible mix of runners and fundraisers, all with fantastic spirit and a commitment to raise money to help Imerman Angels fulfill their mission to ensure that no one has to face cancer alone.

Team Canada on a chilly morning outside Simply Biscotti

Our first Team fundraiser, a comedy night here in Ottawa raised just over $2000for Imerman Angels and we’ve got a few more ideas brewing as well (yup that’s a hint).  Our team is made up of runners from Ottawa, Toronto, California and Massachusetts, yup, we opened it up to “honorary” Canadians too, the more the merrier, so if you’ve got a guaranteed entry to the Chicago marathon and you’re interested in raising funds for an incredible cause while training with a group of like minded, fun and fantastic folks, drop me a line.

I’ll be running this year’s marathon in memory of my friend Isabelle and celebrating 26.2 years of sobriety with 26.2 miles of running (Oct. 7 will be 26.2 years and the marathon is Oct. 11), so I’ll have lots to reflect upon as I run that day.

I would be so very grateful if you would consider making a donation (of any amount) to my fundraiser

As always, thank you to my friends and family for your incredible support and words of encouragement, they make all the difference! 

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